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At the edge of the Yntemapolder and opposite the day-harbour (passantenhaven) is Attema-Sate, a national heritage site from 1770. The house is connected with the village of Gaastmeer by bridge


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Around Attema-Sate

Across the bridge, a few footsteps from Attema-Sate, you will find the bar-restaurant d’Ald Herberch ‘Yn’e Iel-Aek’. They have a charming outdoor space by the water and the restaurant serves as the tourist information centre of Gaastmeer.

The grocery store is only a few steps further down the road. The shop offers a wide variety of goods and you can order your groceries online before your journey to Gaastmeer (Dagwinkel Gaastmeer). Attema-Sate provides a hand cart to easily transport your groceries.

To rent a bike: E Bike Fryslan

The cycle ferry is at the end of the cycle path from Attema-Sate into the Yntemapolder.

To rent a Polyvalk: Jachthaven Pieter Bouwe