Attema Sate, a national heritage site from 1770


Beautiful Gaastmeer, a small village in South-West Friesland in the northern part of the Netherlands. This is where the historic farm Attema-Sate lies at the waterfront and where the road turns into a bike path. The farm is a true sanctuary where you can unwind and charge your battery.

Across the bridge, a few footsteps from Attema-Sate, you will find the bar-restaurant d’Ald Herberch ‘Yn’e Iel-Aek’. They have a charming outdoor space by the water and the restaurant serves as the tourist information centre of Gaastmeer.

The grocery store is only a few steps further down the road. The shop offers a wide variety of goods and you can order your groceries online before your journey to Gaastmeer. Attema-Sate provides a hand cart to easily transport your groceries.
The cycle ferry is at the end of the cycle path from Attema-Sate into the Yntemapolder.

The farm has been there since 1770. The construction of the barn consists of sturdy beams and rafters. The rooms that were built in the barn do not touch the beams anywhere. The old and the new have been kept separated.
Where once the cows used to be, homely apartments for our guests have been created. The atmosphere has remained robust and pure.

Through an ingenious reconstruction of part of the rooftop in the barn, a sea of light was created as well as a wonderful panorama room overlooking the Frysian lakes. The landscape garden, building and the interior have all been transformed into a place where everyone can enjoy this unique location.
The design and supervision of the project were done by J.O.N.G. architects. Studio Slow is responsible for the interior design.

The premises run on green energy.

Attema-Sate is named after one family of which several generations lived and worked on the farm. A Sate is a piece of land with all the buildings that belong to a farm, including the family house.

Margriet & Gerard Burgers, proud residents and owners of Attema-Sate

Images website: Sytske Hoogterp, Anna de Leeuw, Peter de Jong, Thijs Wolzak, bedrijfsfotografie_Lydia

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