Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for leasing and letting of apartments and communal areas at Attema-Sate, hereinafter called the owner.

The farm barn has been renovated to create a comfortable stay with careful consideration of surroundings and history. These booking conditions ensure this will remain.

1.      Reservation

1.1      These terms and conditions apply to all reservations.

1.2      The guest who makes the reservation must personally observe all liabilities resulting from the reservation confirmation.

2.     Booking and payment

2.1 Each booking will be confirmed by the owner by email or post.

2.2 50 % of the rent must be paid within two weeks upon receipt of the booking confirmation. The remaining part must be paid two weeks before arrival.

When booking three weeks or shorter before arrival, the whole amount must be paid in one instalment.

2.3 If payment is in arrears, the owner has the right to cancel the reservation. In such event, the cancellation policy will be effective (see article 3).

3. Cancellation by the guest

3.1 Cancellation must be done by email or by telephone with the owner.

3.2 In the event of cancellation the following restitution percentages apply:

– up to 6 weeks before arrival 100 % refund of the full rental price

– 4 to 6 weeks before arrival 40 % refund of the full rental price

– 2 to 4 weeks before arrival 20 % refund of the full rental price

– 2 weeks or less before arrival no refund

4. Cancellation by the owner

4.1 The guest will be informed as soon as possible in the event a rental agreement must be cancelled by the owner. If available, alternative accommodation will be offered. If the guest does not accept this alternative offer or if the owner cannot offer an alternative, the owner will refund the full rental payment.

5. Change by the guest

5.1 A change in the booking to a different apartment or a change in the rental period is possible up to 4 weeks before the start of the rental period and only if another apartment is available. In the event no other apartment is available, the conditions as mentioned in article 3 will apply.

6. Liability guest

6.1 A stay at Attema-Sate is at one’s own risk. In the event of damage done by the guest to the apartments, its furniture or any other objects that are part of the apartments or general areas, the expenses must be paid by the guest.

6.2 The apartments accommodate either two, four or four to five people. Receiving guests is in agreement with the owner. It is not allowed to have extra guests stay in the apartments such as family, friends or acquaintances.

6.3 The guest is requested to show behaviour in accordance with the peaceful and private environment of Attema-Sate and its nature as a heritage site. In the event the guest’s behaviour is not in accordance, the owner has the right to request the guest to leave the property without restitution of the rent payment.

6.4 The guest should tidy the apartment before leaving. If, to the judgement of the owner, this is not the case, the owner will charge an extra € 45, -.

6.5 Smoking is prohibited in all areas.

6.6 It is not allowed to make an open fire.

6.7 Garbage must be put in containers at Attema-Sate.

6.8 Parking is allowed at the designated parking space and is at the guest’s own risk.

7. Liability of the owner

7.1 The owner cannot be held liable for loss, theft, damage or personal injury of any kind.

7.2 The owner cannot be held liable for changes in prices in between (very) early bookings and arrival time.

7.3 The prices on the site www.attema-sate.nl are valid. In the event different prices are mentioned in other publications (both in print and digital), these prices can only be considered as indicative and not as final.

7.4 The owner cannot be held liable for damage done to the guest’s property caused by situations the owner has no influence on such as climate and natural disaster.

7.5 There is clean bed, bath and kitchen linen in the apartments upon arrival of the guest.

7.6 The apartments will be clean upon arrival of the guest.






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